The Course

This is an advanced class, it's hardware hacking for iOS programmers. A deep dive into internal sensors and external hardware for iOS. You'll get hands on with Xcode, the iPhone and Arduino boards in a small classroom setting (maximum 20 people) and get to build example applications and code that you can take away with you and reuse.

What you'll learn...

If you are a programmer who has had some experience with the iPhone before, this course will help you push your knowledge further. If you are an experienced Mac programmer, already familiar with Objective-C as a language, the course will give you a crash course in dealing with the hardware specific parts of iPhone programming.

What you should already know...

Attendees should already be members of the iOS Developer Program. The course assumes previous experience with the Objective-C language, and some familiarity with the iPhone platform would be very helpful.

Attendees are expected to bring their own Mac and iOS device, and have their Xcode environment setup and configured to allow them to deploy apps on to their device. If you need help setting up your environment before the course please contact us ahead of time.

Topics we'll cover during the course...

Over the course of the day we'd expect to cover all of the material below, but since this is a small class the emphasis on what material will get covered and in what depth is up to you and your classmates.

We'll start the day talking about the internal hardware of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and work through live coded examples with all of the basic sensors.

After looking at the internal hardware we'll go on to look at how to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the real world.

What you'll take away...

You'll take away with you an Arduino Uno board, a Redpark TTL Serial Cable for iOS, and everything you need to connect your iPhone to your new micro-controller. You'll also receive a copy of my books Basic Sensors iOS and iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino. Everything you need to go off and build your own sensor-based applications after the course.

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